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We are always open to new members.
Ground search and rescue is a complex undertaking that requires many levels of support. As such, we offer a wide range of positions accommodating various levels of experience, age and physical ability.
The following are only some of the volunteering opportunities available:

First Aid Training

• Fundraiser
• Logistics: support
• Field transport driver
• Computer operator
• Radio operator
• Committee volunteer
• Building maintenance
• Vehicle maintenance
• Public relations & social media
• Treasurer: finance
• Events
• Safety Committee
• Field trainer
• Classroom trainer



Why join ESGSAR?

• To be part of a team
• Common activity time with partner
• Outdoor adventure
• Retiree volunteer work
• Enjoy outdoor activities.
• Involvement in community events.
• Provide a valuable service to your community.
• Learn safety and survival skills in the woods.
• Help others when in need.


If you are interested in joining check our Online Calendar for New Member Nights or Contact Us

You can view our training sessions here.

We are located at 5688 #7 Highway in Head of Chezzetcook

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