Eastern Shore Ground Search and Rescue Association is a community-based organization made up completely of volunteers who believe in and share the common goals of serving their community and saving lives.

Originally, the team was formed in April of 1975 and was known as the Musquodoboit Harbour Ground Search and Rescue. In February of 1982, the name was changed to Eastern Shore Ground Search and Rescue Association.

ESGSAR is affiliated with the Emergency Management Office of the Province of Nova Scotia. Our work is carried out under the auspices of the RCMP, Halifax Regional Police or other Authority of Jurisdiction. Our administrative and operational structure is set up in accordance with the Incident Command System ICS). Our work is primarily focused on finding lost persons on the ground, although we also operate on bodies of water with our boat and kayak teams. In addition, we collaborate with other first responder organizations in public service during emergency evacuations or other emergency situations, and occasionally are involved in evidence searches with police forces. We also work closely with the provincial Department of Lands & Forests helicopter division, the provincial Trunk Mobile Radio system, EHS Life Flight, and local fire departments.

We are part of the Nova Scotia Ground Search and Rescue Association, which represents all 23 member teams across the province. As one of the larger provincial teams, our membership averages over 100 persons. In addition to providing search and rescue capabilities in our home area, we frequently assist and support our other member teams across the province, depending on the requirements of any particular search. Nova Scotia Ground Search and Rescue Teams are among the best equipped and most organized and well trained of any GSAR organizations across North America. While much of this is due to the wealth of knowledge and experience of our local members, a contributing factor is that all our work partners and teams operate under the same ICS system and share communications channels and computer technologies, province-wide.

Our membership is comprised of women and men in the community of all ages and backgrounds, with training, experience and expertise in many fields. Our organization carries on a full slate of hands-on and classroom training in many subject areas. Please see the ‘Become a Member’ page if you feel you would be interested in contributing your time and talents.

The ESGSAR web site is designed and maintained by team member Darrell Myatt
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